About me
  • Name:Maik H.
  • Born:'89
  • Gender:Male
  • Blood type:0
  • Nationality:German
  • Occupation:Application Developer
  • Hobbies:Reading, Programming/Scripting, Japanese Sub-Culture & Otaku-Culture
  • Languages:German (Native), English (Good), Japanese (Bad)
  • Born 2014
  • Female
  • Silver Tabby / Bombay
  • Greenish eyes
  • Shy, Sophisticated, Anxious

It was quite a funny story how she got around living with me. She was found living in some kind of barn next to my working place, apparently she couldn't stay there. So I took her in on a whim and never looked back since then. On a sidenote, she is shy on camera. Actually the story wasn't funny at all, was it?

  • Born 2015
  • Female
  • German Rex
  • Yellowish eyes
  • Curious, Excited, Impatient

She was found at a local farmer's place in my neighbourhood and it so happend her mother never came back. So yes, I couldn't say no to this little klutz. She in fact is a little dumb sometimes, in a cute way I guess, but I love her anyways. Mashiro and her get along pretty well, not sure if she is trying to act like a mother but oh well.