Formerly Decent

Small informational website for the FFXIV legacy static 'Formerly Decent' founded in August 2022, including a member page and a list of past accomplishments. Created 2023
 Steam Workshop

Whatever stinky stuff I just so happen to upload to the Steam Workshop, starting with skins for Euro Truck Simulator 2 for some reason.

 Steam Workshop Created 2023
 Cringe Racing

What started as a small excel-sheet powered League among friends in PCARS, is now still a small database powered League among friends in AC. Generally always looking for interested people to do friendly races with! Created 2022
 Kokoro Transfer ❤️

Android-App for connecting to a wearable heartbeat sensor via ANT+ and sending the data to any backend desired, used to show heart BPM as a custom source on stream.
Currently not publicly available.

Created 2022
 Steam Wishlists (Name pending)

Login via Steam (OAuth) to create and share lists of any game/application on Steam. Mainly created to have more than just 'one' wishlist on Steam for my own use initially. Created 2022
 givebotplz (Discord)

Creates events, polls, manages roles, Twitch announcements and schedule updates, spams free games, play YouTube videos, and more.
Currently only available to certain selected servers.

Created 2021
 givebotplz (Twitch)

The standalone bot that powers most alerts, overlays and shenanigans on the Twitch channel, contains too many features to count. (Also has a cousin which does Discord stuff)
Currently only available on the Twitch channel.

Created 2021
 Valheim Mods

A small collection of modifications for Valheim.

 Thunderstore Created 2021
 Killing Floor 2 - Stats

See your Killing Floor 2 related stats and achievements to keep track of your completition. Created 2017

A small file/image sharing page which hosts uploads temporarily. Created 2014

Your current playing status and rank drawn on an image, including some customizable options and a small selection of preset styles. Created 2013

Get your osu! related stats as a Widget on your Android device.

 osu! Forum Created 2013