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Referrals to "I", "me" or "my" in the following are substitutes for Maik "givenameplz" H., the author of

This website was created to represent a selection of things I do under my alias "givenameplz".

It does not represent the opinion or viewpoint of my current job, employer or clients in any way. All my actions taken are on behalf of my own.


If you are in need of contact, please use this Information:

 Maik "givenameplz" H.

This mail serves all purposes and is guaranteed to be answered within 24 hours unless otherwise stated!

If other means of contact are needed, please still contact the mail for exposure of more private information.

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If any content available on this website infringes your copyright, please contact me and I will remove the content in question. In case you want to use any image, code or text created by me from this website make sure to ask me first. Please use the mail provided above for both cases.


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